If I order a custom illustration arch, what type of photo would be best?

Please select a high quality photo preferably showing full body. Do not choose any photo that cuts off face as this will look a bit funny when illustrated. 

The more people that are standing in a row, the more the space is limited. Imagine how your picture will look on an arch. If you need some assistance, contact me. 

If I order a custom illustration arch, do I see a draft copy before it being made?
Yes, I will email you a draft copy of your illustration to the email you used at checkout. You will have 48 hours to respond if there is any issues. If I don't receive a response in this time I will assume all is okay and go ahead and manufacture your product. This is to prevent delays and keep production/shipping time to a minimum.
Help! I can't decide on what colour to use?!
Have a look at our colour options painted on acrylic below: 
As a rule of thumb, if you want your illustration to be clearly seen you should select a darker background with a lighter vinyl and vice-versa. White vinyl on frosted acrylic is a personal and customer favourite, but this can be very difficult to see unless you place it against a coloured wall or in front of coloured objects. 
If you are choosing a darker background colour such as 'Pinewood' I would suggest using a white matte or gold mirror vinyl. If you are choosing a background colour like 'Snow' it would be better to use a gold or rose gold vinyl. 
I have endeavored to use a large range of coloured backgrounds and vinyl colour combinations on my samples. Have a flick through the website to see how the different colours look. Please be aware that even though I try to portray these as accurately as possible, there will always be discrepancies with computer monitor settings etc. 
To help you out I've got some colours painted on the back of mini arches (bunny is a pale pink, if you want white you would get 'Snow'): 

Can I do a custom order? 
Yes! I would happily accommodate most custom orders. Please send me an email to discuss and we can see what we can do, erin@eveletdesigns.com.au

What are my base wood options?
You have a choice of 2 different timbers. Premium pine which is a light coloured, softer wood and Merbau; a darker coloured hardwood. Both are finished with a toy safe wax as per European standards. The wax makes them more resistant to staining and makes them have a buttery feel. 

Can I return my item?
As this is a personalised product there is no refunds or exchanges, except in the case of major design failure as per your consumer rights. Read our returns/exchanges policy for further information. 

How many people can you have on an arch?
I can fit up to 2 people on the midsize (A5) arch and potentially up to 6 on the grand arch. However, if you have more than 4 people in your photo please contact me to discuss prior to determine if the photo is suitable. The more people you have the less detail I will be able to capture due to size constraints.

What text can I have on double family arch?
This is completely up to you! It just needs to be a surname, short quote or phrase etc. For example : The Johnsons or The Johnsons est. 2022, or "when we have love, we have everything". If you think your quote might be too long, contact me and we can discuss. 

What paint is used on your products?
A high-quality, water-based low VOC acrylic paint is used. The acrylic paint is then sealed by a clear acrylic layer to help protect from scratches. 

Where are your products manufactured? Do you make yourself?
All Evelet Designs products are handmade including hand-drawn illustrations, hand painted acrylic, and hand cut timber bases. The products are 100% Australian made and owned in Bateau Bay, NSW. 

How do I take care of the acrylic products?
If your product has fingerprints or gets dusty you can use a microfibre cloth to spot rub the area or give it a light wipe over. Baby wipes can also help to remove any grubby fingerprints you may get on the arch. Due to the intricate nature of the illustration, do not rub the vinyl as this can cause irreparable damage.