Evelet Designs Story

Hi, I'm Erin, the creator and maker behind Evelet Designs. To give you a bit of a background story, I'm a married mum of 2 little girls,
living in Bateau Bay NSW.

The past few years have been challenging for everyone, but I have found it particularly challenging.  In 2020 my brother Jed suddenly passed away at 20 years old, which is challenging at any time but Covid and all the restrictions and isolation added another layer of difficulty.

In 2021 I fell pregnant with my daughter Violet. I had just changed jobs from a job I LOVED as a paediatric emergency nurse, to a job that was closer to home so I didn't have to deal with the long commute. I hated every minute of my 2nd pregnancy due to having hyperemesis and needing to be medicated/dealing with the side effects of the medication (most days were spent nauseous, vomiting or sleeping while trying to look after a baby). Thankfully despite all this, Violet grew perfectly and was born with no complications.

From the moment I bought Violet home she screamed and didn't sleep. We were lucky if we were averaging 2 hours total a night. The polar opposite to my first baby Evelyn! The days weren't any better and the sleep deprivation caught up with me. At 4 weeks Violet was diagnosed with silent reflux and at 5 weeks I was diagnosed with PPD/PPA. I was lucky to have a great doctor who took it seriously and got me started on medication, referred me to a great psychologist, and had really good follow up. Violet was started on medication and improved to the point of sleeping 2 hour blocks at a time (not great but also a big improvement).

Which leads me to starting Evelet Designs. By the time Violet was 6 months old I was feeling more like myself and wanting to have something that could be a creative outlet and something that could challenge my mum brain while I learnt something different. Evelet is the combination of, you guessed it, my 2 girls Evelyn and Violet. The flower in my logo was drawn by myself and is an Aster flower, my birth flower. The star on the logo represents my brother Jed. Whenever we are outside at night I always get Evie to look for the brightest star and say hi to him.

I saw someone making polymer clay earrings on an instagram reel and thought it looked like fun, and I should be able to do that 😂. Why not design something that can make me feel better and compliment some outfits? Halfway through buying all the necessary equipment I started to have my doubts, but I had spent too much money to stop now. Grant encouraged me to just go for it so that's what I did! I found I loved it, but of course having 2 young kids meant I didn't have a whole lot of time to commit to it. It was either that or the housework, so the house suffered for a while! Thankfully I had many friends and strangers turned friends cheering me on, and a lot more people purchased my earrings than I thought would. I mostly find myself making neutral toned staples that can mix and match with different outfits. 

Fast forward a few more months and I happened to see Spotlight was selling a cricut for an insanely cheap price. Did I know what it did? Not really. Did I know how to use it? Not at all! But again I just decided to go for it and learn it all along the way. Imagine my disappointment when I realised that the cricut couldn't cut acrylic like I planned (turns out you need a CO2 laser for that 😉). So now I needed a plan B. I originally wanted to cut acrylic shapes, names and illustrations. Instead I thought, why not cut permanent vinyl and make illustrated keepsakes on acrylic?

Of course having young children led me to developing a range of birth arches, keepsake illustrations, and family illustrations. I had always wanted something to display my daughters names, birth statistics and images....but never quite found what I was looking for. There are a lot of printed illustrations and wall art out there. I wanted something I could display on the empty shelves and sideboard. Something that would enhance their space, personalised to them and customised to match their room. That's where the birth arches and illustrated baby arches came from. With them in mind I also developed my affirmation arch, moon and back arch and words of encouragement arch.

I extended the range out to include families, wedding keepsakes to capture your special day, and other illustrated acrylic decor that will be a talking point in any space and really capture the special moments in life.
I can't wait to show you what else I have planned, and I want to thank you for coming along for the journey. Every single customer is important to me and my business, and it makes me so happy to see you coming back time and time again! I don't think I would have continued pushing forward if it wasn't for a cheer squad I had giving me some external motivation, positive feedback and purchases. From learning website coding from scratch, trial and error in making my earrings super smooth and sturdy with high quality findings, having NO bloody idea how to use all the illustration apps/canva/running a business/sending post/labelling...etc etc. I can see now I've learnt a lot!

I've recently extended my maternity leave by a year, so any order received means so much to my family and I.

Erin x

Ps. In case you were wondering, Violet is a very happy baby now and sleeps slightly less than your average 10 month old 😆. Evie has also thrived and is intelligent, cheeky and loving despite watching an absolute tonne of TV throughout my pregnancy and post-partum. You do what you have to and it will all work out 😊